Terms of Service

Each client has unique requirements and receives special attention when it comes to invoicing for my services. I will work closely with you to ensure the 
method you choose is prepared to fit your needs.

The following is a basic guideline so you can see how we can establish a good working relationship.

A signed agreement is required prior to the establishing of a business relationship. The agreement outlines all the details so there is no confusion about what 
is expected by both parties.

Method of Invoicing:
All invoices are sent via email with detailed information about the work completed and the amount of time for each task. I use the most current QuickBooks 
software for time tracking to ensure accuracy.

Reimbursable expenses incurred for projects are tracked and added to the invoices. I do not charge for minor, miscellaneous expenses; however, out of 
pocket expenses such as postage, shipping costs and printing through an outside source are added to the invoice for reimbursement.

With today's technology there are several ways now to send payment for services rendered. I hope that you will find the following ways convenient.

U.S. Mail
Money Order
Cashier's Check
Business/Personal Check