Why Outsource?

Who is a Virtual Assistant?
A business owner who thrives on helping other business owners and executives succeed. An experienced Virtual Assistant gives you time to build your business and focus on your priorities, while delegating important administrative tasks with confidence.

Why hire a Virtual Assistant?
It is more cost effective. You only pay for the hours or projects you need. A Virtual Assistant is not an employee so you do not have to provide space and equipment or payroll taxes and benefits.

When is it time to hire a Virtual Assistant?
Find a Virtual Assistant before the time you spend on administrative demands starts hurting your bottom line.  You will know you have reached this threshold when the revenue you generate in your area of expertise is greater than $35 per hour.

What is the cost of a Virtual Assistant?
An experienced Virtual Assistant will cost between $35 - $75 per hour depending on the complexity of the responsibilities you delegate.  Unlike an employee, your relationship with your Virtual Assistant can start small and grow with your business.

Where do you work with a Virtual Assistant?
The current technology makes this relationship possible through the Internet, email, phone, fax, texting, SKYPE and overnight delivery.

How do you choose the right Virtual Assistant?
You are looking for someone you communicate with easily.  Because a Virtual Assistant is a fellow business owner s/he understands and is prepared for your basic administrative needs. Be sure s/he has the specific experience, skills and technology necessary to support your business.